NLA is highly experienced in creating new or evolving existing corporate identities. We take the time and effort to get underneath our client's skin to really understand their business, ethos and character. We don't follow design fashion e.g using the most popular typeface or colour-scheme, which means our marks don't look outdated in no time at all.

But the job doesn't end once the logo is designed. To protect this valuable asset, NLA produces the associated corporate identity (or brand) manual to set standards and provide clear guidance on how to apply the standards.

Why do you need a guidelines manual?

Firstly, consistent use of a logo and the design system that surrounds it, is the only way to quickly achieve recognition and differentiation in your market.

Secondly, a manual ensures the true design and character of your identity is not diluted or worse destroyed by incorrect use of the logo and identity system.

Finally, the guidelines provide the ideal opportunity to clarify and communicate an organisation's ambition and goals.

Organisations usually hire third parties to help convey their message. Usually a network of advertisers, design agencies, photographers and printers are commissioned to project the organisation's image, core messages and competencies.

The only way to protect the integrity of your corporate identity and ensure consistency of application is to provide a set of standards to which designers and marketeers must adhere.